Whip City Jerky Marinade: Jalapeno

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Whip City Jerky’s Mesquite Glaze and Marinade.

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This is it!  Whip City Jerky’s Glaze and Marinades are amazing on any type of meat or vegetable that you would marinate and or cook or grill.    For example, you may choose to marinate your meat overnight in the fridge or brush (i.e., glaze) it on while grilling.

The Jalapeno Glaze and Marinade is a bit hotter than the Cajun.   Jalapeno peppers are typically hotter than Cayenne peppers.  Although there are exceptions our Cajun is on the mild side, and the Jalapeno provides the next level of heat without being over-whelming.    We like the Jalapeno on all types of meat, but our favorite was mixed in with ground beef to make burgers with the amazing Jalapeno Marinade flavor and cheddar cheese on top.  Holy Cow – Nuf said.

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