Changes to Product Line Up

Whip City Jerky is modifying its product lineup to offer a new variety of awesome flavors.    The new Ground Round Beef Jerky flavors introduced in the Spring of 2023 are a popular addition, and we know the awesome burger flavor has a lot to do with it.   We introduced 3 Ground Flavors at that time, with two new flavors being made available starting Wednesday, August 9.  We're adding Tropical Habanero and Peppered to the Ground Round side of the menu, joining the existing flavors - Teriyaki, Jalapeno Ranch, and White Cheddar Chipotle.   On the Thin Cut side of the menu, we're retiring Jalapeno, Plain, Black Peppered Curry, and Ragin.    If there's a jerky flavor you think would be awesome for Whip City Jerky to make, let us know!