Whip City Building


Whip City Jerky (WCJ) was founded in 2008 as Billy C’s Jerky. The name was to give credit to the original products founder William “Billy” Chaoush. Since then the company has evolved significantly. As we expanded to wholesale from only direct-to-consumer sales we became BC Jerky. The Whip City Jerky name change was made in 2016 as Billy left the company to pursue other endeavors. The remaining partners are Tony Neuser, David Tremblay, and Joe and Pete Nassar, with Tony functioning as CEO since 2010.

Originally we started with five flavors, Original, Hot, Plain, Hawaian and Ragin Buffalo. Each made in our signature thin-cut style. Since then we have added 11 more thin-cut flavors, 5 marinades, a thicker cut we call, Cowboy Cut, Beef Jerky Trail Mix, and Bow Wow Beef Jerky for dogs. Each flavor has its’ supporters and we pride ourselves on producing  unique, high quality, hand made premium Beef Jerky products.

In 2012, Whip City Jerky received it’s “Grant of Inspection” from the USDA enabling it to sell its products through other retail stores and across State lines. This is perhaps the most significant change to the company as all aspects of production operations, the facility, sanitation, hygiene, and safety must comply with USDA regulations and requires onsite inspection 5 days a week.

Our name “Whip City” comes from the history of Westfield, MA where the business was founded. At one point in the 19th century, Westfield was a prominent center of the buggy whip industry, and the city is still known as the "Whip City."

Going forward in 2020 the company is planning for additional expansion as it seeks to develop additional products at higher capacity. Although one thing will always remain constant. We will always use the best ingredients and locally sourced beef, and provide the artisanal qualities that only come from hand made, small batch premium beef jerky.