Whip City Jerky will be closed Friday, December 30th and Saturday, December 31.


Rudolph22 Coupon (updated 12/8/22):   Due to the coupon not working for some folks at first, we're applying the coupon to all orders we received from December 1 and 4.  You don't need to do anything. 

For those ordering after the 5th, remember in order to use the rudolph22 code, you must manually add the Red Hot Rudolph bags to your order.   For example, if you spent $50 on jerky, you're entitled to 2 small Red Hot Rudolph (RHR) bags.  You would then add 2 small bags of RHR to your order.  When you check out, those 2 bags will be marked free.  You must enter the number of RHR bags you're entitled too, plus the rudolph22 code in order for the discount to work.

Holiday Ordering:  SHIPPING:  This year the ordering deadline is December 16 for all orders needing to be shipped.   Any orders placed before or on December 16 are guaranteed to arrive by December 24 or we'll provide a full refund*.  PICKUPS:  The ordering deadline for order pickups is December 20th with orders guaranteed to be ready for pickup by December 24.  *Guarantee  applies to Whip City Jerky delays, not post office delays.   

Store Holiday Hours:   We will be open Friday, December 23rd from 3p to 7p, and Saturday December 24 from 11am to 2pm.   Orders can be picked up during these times.  We will not have jerky available to sell off the rack. 

Processing and Shipping Times:   Normal processing, including shipping, is typically 10 days.  All jerky is made fresh 5 days a week.   Shipping during high peak times, like a holiday may take longer.  We ship all orders via Priority Mail to greatly reduce shipping delays, but as we observed last year, it's possible for Priority Mail to suffer delays as well.